RELUX Simulation tools and related services

LiGHTiNG 3 is the official distributor for RELUX software and services in Greece.

RELUX software

RELUX offers a bunch of simulation softwares and support tools for interior, exterior, road and tunnel lighting design and photometric calculations.

Package Type Remarks
ReluxDesktop 2017

ReluxDesktop is a high-performance, intuitively-operated application for simulating artificial light and daylight. It provides you with rapid and efficient support on all the different aspects of big and small projects, without taking any unnecessary roundabout routes.

ReluxSuite 2016

The old version of Relux software


Compile your lighting and sensor plan in AutoCAD. Define the necessary room parameters for the calculations. Thanks to the bidirectional interface to the Relux Desktop application, you obtain all the calculation results in the presentation mode you require for your CAD plan.

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A program for experts which currently supports the standards and recommendations to CIE88, CIE140 and SLG201. The automatic positioning aid enables you to plan your tunnel lighting in the shortest possible time. The program generates comprehensive project documentation on all the relevant zones, such as the entry zone, transitional section and tunnel interior. The luminaire positions can be exported straightforwardly in «dxf» and «dwg» format or as an Excel table.

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RELUX member services

In addition LiGHTiNG 3 offers the following RELUX services dedicated to luminaire and lamp manufacturers.

Package Type Remarks
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