ReluxSuite 2015.1

The new ReluxSuite 2015.1 is here with plenty of new features and options! The most notable include the floor planning function and the expansion to the calculation of daylight efficiency. You’re sure to appreciate the striking increase in speed when reading and writing projects within your network, as well as the safety lighting which can optionally include light reflection. The improved handling of LED light maintenance factors will also make your everyday work much easier. Please take a look at the additional points listed in the update info.

You can find a guide as well as some further details in the new manual “Fit for ReluxSuite” in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

Example projects for this version and earlier versions can be downloaded from our website here.

You can now find tutorials for the floor planning tool in the form of videos, currently available in English. The tutorials can seen bellow.

… and don’t forget that LiGHTiNG3 offers certified RELUX training courses for all RELUX products. You can find more here.

ReluxPro 2015.1 New features – user interface improvement – Floor planning

ReluxPro 2015.1 Floor planning demo


ReluxPro 2015.1 Importing a gbXML file

We look forward to receiving your feedback and wish you every success with the new ReluxSuite 2015.1