Relux Membership

Boost your selling success by incorporating your product data in Relux’s catalogue and the search engine ReluxNet. This ensures that your data is then always available to planners in the Relux lighting simulation software at all the different stages of planning.

RELUX membership offers you an additional, powerful selling channel and also an excellent marketing tool.

A global network of many thousands of lighting planners, architects and specialist planners use RELUX product data in their planning assignments. With an annual  growth rate of more than 15%, the number is increasing every day. Each year, more than 860,000 items of product data are actively used in planning assignments.

LiGHTiNG 3, as an official RELUX distributor, offers all relative services for existing and new RELUX members. We will gladly give you detailed information on the benefits and services provided. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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